Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do you want to cut your household budget in half, maybe by more? 
Do you want more in your pantry AND more money in your bank account? 

The following questions will be addressed in our class:

-Where do I get coupons from?
-How do i organize my coupons?
-How do various stores differ in coupon policies?
-What stores have the best deals?
-How do I make the most of the coupons I have?
-How do rebates work?
-What stores offer worthwhile loyalty programs?

Everyone will receive a Class Booklet, lots of extra coupons, and 
you’ll be eligible for lots of door prizes.

Saturday, March 19th from 12:30 to 3 
@ Tuscany's Coffeehouse in Yorktown.

You can RSVP here ->  Facebook Event- Coupon Class or 
Email me at coupon_jena@live.com if you are interested in a coming.

The cost is $25. 
If you follow what I teach, you will save double the cost of the class in your first week!
Wanna come for free?  Only one more day to enter!

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