Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing Premiered Last Night on...

Were you able to watch it?  Leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

Unfortunately our cable is messed up, so I wasn't able to watch it.
They aired a pilot episode about 4 months ago that I was able to watch.

So you might be thinking...
How do they do it?
Where do they get their coupons from?
How do they organize their coupons?
How do they know all of the stores coupon policies?
How do they know which stores have the best deals?

Two years ago I would visit the grocery store every other week and throw items into my shopping cart that we were out of and HAD to have right then, or new items that I wanted to try. 
 I would normally spend around $100 every two weeks.
= $5,200 a year!

Since I started "extreme couponing" in November 2009 I have saved over $11,000.  Now my family has more money in our bank account and more food in our pantry.  

You are totally ready to get into this whole "coupon" thing but are confused about where to start.  
Attend one of my coupon classes!
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  1. glad to hear you are couponing but your math is a bit say before couponing you spent $100 every TWO weeks and you stated that equaled $5200! actually that equals $2600. in order for it to be $5200 you would spend $100 each week so not sure if you meant $100 every week vs every other week like you stated.

  2. LOl! You are right Gayle! $100 each week!