Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fontline PLUS

Summer is fast approaching and that means fleas and ticks! (Remember your pets should be on flea/tick preventative ALL year round)

Before you read further please note that this is for FRONTLINE PLUS ONLY!
The ingredients of Frontline PLUS are safe for both cats and dogs...UNLIKE some other products that if put on a cat will kill them. Not matter what consult your vet before any treatment of your pets. 

The dog and cat frontline PLUS products have the EXACT SAME ingredients! You are simply paying more because you need more of the product to protect a larger animal. 

Here is how I get the most for my money of Frontline Plus. 

In my area (Hampton Roads) PETA offers 6 months of ANY SIZE of frontline for $60. This is a great deal in itself, because most places will charge you more for a larger I purchase the 89-132 pound dose. 

I have one cat and a 50 lb. dog

1. As needed I open one vial and pour it into a glass blood collection tube (you could use anything, or get one of these from your vet or doctor or if you have a friend in the medical field) 

2. I take a syringe and measure out the appropriate dosage for each of my pets (I have listed all of the doses below)

3. TAKE THE NEEDLE OFF the syringe 

4. Apply FRONTLINE PLUS between the shoulder blades

Thats it! Just make sure that you are giving the correct dose, as to little won't protect against parasites and to much can cause sickness or death. 

Frontline PLUS dosage
Cats 0.5ml
Dogs 11-22 pounds - 0.67ml
Dogs 23-44 pounds - 1.34ml
Dogs 45-88 pounds - 2.68ml
Dogs 89-132 pounds - 4.0ml

So I end up paying OOP $4.61 per dose!!! For $60 I get 8 months of frontline for my dog AND 5 months for my cat

Here is a picture of my little frontline application kit that I use. I store all of it in an old plastic cup.  Green unopened vial of frontline, glass tube that I use to hold excess, syringe for dog (with line marked for dose), and syringe for cat (with line marked for dose).  I also ALWAYS keep the sticky note with both of their doses on it just to be on the safe side.  Hope this helps!

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