Sunday, February 27, 2011

Upcoming Coupon Class

Hey guys! Most of you probably know that I'm into couponing. A lot of people have been asking for me to teach a class so here ya go! 

The Deal Squeal (Jena Cumming) will be hosting its first coupon class! 

Before I started "extreme couponing" I would spend an average of $80 each time I went to the grocery store. I would pick up whatever I thought we needed and a few things I wanted. I would stand in the aisles of the store and look at different brand and do my best to compare prices. I would used a few coupons for the two or three items that I had planned on getting that I happened to have coupons for. I saved about $10 each month with coupons.

Since I started "extreme couponing" in November of 2009 my life has changed completely. I owe all of it to my friend Rosalyn who got me hooked with my first extreme deal. I coached her daughter in volleyball and she was our first ever booster president. She was able to donate everything that we sold in our concession stand that season, so we made a 100% profit! I was so curious about how she was able to do this. One night after a game we started talking about couponing. She told me that there was a great deal on Tombstone pizza going on at Kroger. She handed me a stack of coupons and explained the deal to me. The next day I came home with 20 Tombstone pizzas and paid only tax! Then I remembered Roaslyn told me that Tombstone had a promotion going on and if you mailed them12 pizza UPC's they would pay $10 on your utility bill! I WAS OFFICIALLY HOOKED!!!

Since that day I have considered myself an avid "coupon queen", product sampler, secret shopper and rebate junkie. I am officially addicted to saving money! In 2010 I began to track my savings and saved my family over $7,500. With a little help you can do it too! In November 2010 I started my own blog where I post daily deals,freebies, rebates and frugal living tips. Please subscribe to my blog and get ready to start saving money!

Do you want to cut your household budget in half, maybe by more? Do you want more in your pantry AND more money in your bank account? 

The following questions will be addressed in our class:

-Where do I get coupons from?
-How do i organize my coupons?
-How do various stores differ in coupon policies?
-What stores have the best deals?
-How do I make the most of the coupons I have?
-How do rebates work?
-What stores offer worthwhile loyalty programs?

Everyone will receive a Class Booklet, lots of extra coupons, and you’ll be eligible for lots of door prizes.

Saturday, March 19th from 12:30 to 3 at Tuscany's Coffeehouse in Yorktown.

You can RSVP here ->  Facebook Event- Coupon Class
The cost is $25. If you follow what I teach, you will save double the cost of the class in your first week!

Email me at if you are interested in a coming.

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