Sunday, February 27, 2011

"One man's trash... another man's treasure."

Tonight my husband and I were out making our rounds looking for scrap metal and I hit the jackpot!

So we just started getting serious about scrap metal and went out tonight for about an hour and got a TON of stuff!  An old broken grill, metal fan, walker, bike, metal TV stand, metal bed frames...and lots of other small stuff.
He said he thinks we have about $250 worth of metal in the back of the truck!

As If that wasn't cool enough...we found a house with a BUNCH of stuff on the curb...most all of it was in bags (good thing bc it raining here).  I opened the biggest bag and realized it was full of clothes!  Looked like they cleaned out their coat closet and just decided to throw it all away!!!

I got:
-An Old navy hoodie
-A Ralph lauren hoodie
-Fruit of the Loom Plain sweatshirt
-Rt. 66 Hoodie
-Koman jacket (Men's VERY NICE!)

See pic

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