Saturday, February 19, 2011

FREE Sample of Whiffers Study Band

Not sure if this product actually works, but it sure does sound interesting!
Would be a great free present for a college student!  

Product Info:
The Whiffers™ Study Band can instantly boost your recollection of information. It is a unique smell-based, memory enhancing study aid that you wear around your wrist.  Just wear this band while you are studying. Then, put it back in the package and wear it again while taking your test. When you smell the scent, it will help you recall the information you studied while wearing the band.  Whiffer's patented process blends the scent into the material used to make the band. Each of the three bands in a pack will hold its scent for 100 hours.

After submitting it says:
Thank you for participating in Whiffers™ product evaluation. 
You will receive your Whiffers™ Scented Study Aid through the US Postal Service.

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